Genot Picor (formerly Picard dit Piqueur) is a storyteller, musician

and dancer. In addition, he is a published free-lance journalist,

retired public school teacher consultant and grant writer.  Picor

holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts/ Interpretive/Performance

Studies from Eastern Michigan University, specializing in oral

tradition, narrative studies and the anthropology of performance.

Genot uses all his talents to bring an interactive frontier history

alive to audiences of all ages. His program is ideal for schools,

festivals, art shows, museums, libraries and corporations.

Each presentation is individually designed to meet the needs and

requests of the hosting agency. If you’ve ever seen him perform,

you’ll see that he looks, acts and sounds the part! Picor has

presented at numerous venues throughout Michigan from

Ironwood to Rockwood, Niles to Sault Ste. Marie. In addition, he

was performed in New York, Ontario, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and

Illinois. Picor has studied voice and movement at the Stratford

Festival Theater in Stratford, Ontario. Genot was given Native

name of “Winter Elk”  on Sept. 28, 2003 by Mr. Leon

Locklear, Tuscarora/Cherokee Elder and former President of

Southeast Michigan Indians, Inc.).

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