Libraries, Museums, Festivals, Community Events, Activity Programs:  

$175.00 per show (depending on travel distance), with price breaks for additional shows on the same day or consecutive days. 

Some festivals or events request spontaneous interaction with guests throughout the day with no formal show.  I find a space and interact with the crowd, providing stories, songs, music, dance or games.  The rate for this venue is $300.00 per day.

If overnight accommodations are required, I will add the cost of the accommodation to the basic fee for service.  I don’t require anything fancy, just warm, dry and bedbug free!

Additional musicians are available upon request for an additional fee.  Each performance is negotiated separately for additional musicians depending on availability and length of performance.

School and Grade Level Assemblies

The most popular school and grade level assemblies are:

“Dig Into Reading with Miner Sam”

“Stories, Songs and Dances of the Voyageur”

“Stories, Songs and Creative Movement for Children,” Grades K-2

One show:                  $250.00

Two shows:                $350.00

Three shows:             $450.00

A School Assembly is regarded as a full grade or grades coming into a large, central location (like a gymnasium) which requires sound equipment set-up and greater efforts on my behalf to keep the program moving.  I bring my own equipment and am covered by my own liability insurance.

Individual Class Presentations

Individual class presentations are $75.00 per class.  I do not charge for mileage.  These programs are:

Grade 3:  “Stories, Songs and Dances of the Voyageur (45-60 minute program)”

Grade 3:  “Stories, Songs and Dances of the Voyageur” with station “break-out activities” based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) strategies and Gardner’s “Theories of Multiple Intelligences (75-90 minutes).

Grade 4:  “Folklore of the Immigrant (60 minutes)”

Grade 5:  “Problem Based Learning Station Activities (60-90 minutes)

La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe: $950 – $2200, depending on travel, length of performance and the inclusion of a dancer.  La Compagnie can be reached through Facebook, at or through this website.

For all bookings and program inquiries, I can be reached at:

[email protected] (preferred method of contact),

by phone at 586-558-8065 (you’ll hear the voice of my wife on the recorded message saying…“You have reached Rosanne, Genot, Emma and Eric….”

or through the United States Postal Service:

30717 Lund Ave.

Warren, MI.  48093

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