• Libraries, Museums, Festivals, Community Events, Activity Programs
    $175 per show (depending on travel distance), with price breaks for additional shows on the same day or consecutive days$200 per show if sound equipment is needed to amplify my voice for large gatherings or outdoor showsSome festivals or events request spontaneous interaction with guests throughout the day with no formal show. I find a space and interact with the crowd, providing stories, songs, music, dance or games. The rate for this venue is $300 per day.If overnight accommodations are required, I will ask for a $60 stipend to cover this expense. I don’t require anything fancy, just warm, dry and bedbug free!
  • School, Individual Class Programs, and Grade Level Assemblies
    $250 for 1 Show$350 for 2 Shows$450 for 3 ShowsGrades K-2 “Stories, Songs, and Creative Movement for Children”Grade 3, 4, and/or 5 “Stories, Songs, and Dances of the Voyager”A School Assembly is regarded as a full grade or grades coming into a large, central location (like a gymnasium) which requires sound equipment set-up. I bring my own equipment and am covered by my own liability insurance.
  • Rates for Individual Class Presentations & Project Based Learning (PBL)
    $85 per class$85 & up per class for destinations that exceed a 90 minute drive$110 per class with Project Based Learning (PBL)