“Genot Picor: Stories, Songs and Dances of the Voyageurs”

Three hundred years ago, a mixed blood (called Metis’) scout disappeared into the wilderness to explore and trade. He found his way to the Great Lakes, where the Ojibwa People of the region took him in. He was given a name and became part of their tribe.

Today, he returns to share with you the stories, songs, and dances of the places he explored, from the Great Lakes, to the Ohio, Mississippi, St. Lawrence, and Mohawk Valleys.

Genot Picor Presents “Stories, Songs and Dances of the Metis’ Voyageur.”

GOOD NEWS! I am now a member of the Michigan Arts and Humanities Council’s 2018-2021 Touring Directory.

This means that my performances are eligible for GRANT MONIES through the council. La Compagnie is also eligible for GRANT MONIES and will be included in the same directory. Please contact the Michigan Arts and Humanities Council at (517) 372-7770 or at michiganhumanities.org. I am a retired public school Teacher Consultant and Master’s Level Clinical Psychologist. I also hold a Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts and Interpretive/Performance Studies from Eastern Michigan University, Department of Speech, Media and Theatre (April, 2015). I have performed to audiences of all ages, at festivals, museums, in numerous school districts, libraries and campfires. History comes alive with interactive stories, songs, dances, and puppetry. You can read my published stories in The Mackinac Journal, The Great Lakes Pilot, Smoke & Fire Magazine and Michigan History for Kids.